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These are the most popular game consoles in each state

In 1977, the rise of the Atari 2600 sparked a war that rages across the United States today. In a single, unbroken battle for living room supremacy, the console wars have given gamers legendary installments such as the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation 2 and cautionary tales such as the Nokia N-Gage and the Ouya.

Today, we bring you an in-depth look at the current status of the ongoing campaign. Thanks to a study by Spades Challenge, we now have extensive internet research data to show which consoles are the most popular in the US today, broken down state by state. So let’s take a look.

The state of play

While there are dozens of great home video game consoles to consider historically, what we’re looking at today are the most significant parts of the current eighth and ninth generation consoles.

When it comes to current popularity and playerbase, it’s no surprise that we’re mostly discussing the latest machines from the three behemoths that have ruled the home console market for over 20 years: Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. .

Sony Playstation 5

The first four PlayStation consoles rank as the 6th, 1st, 8th, and 4th best-selling consoles of all time. The PlayStation 5, while still climbing to the top of its predecessors in terms of sales, is currently the most dominant console in the United States, holding the lead in search popularity in 21 states.

The constant difficulty of buying a PS5 is a testament to its popularity. Even now, nearly two years after the console’s launch, any given PS5 owner is likely to have war stories about the lengths they went to acquire theirs.

Microsoft Xbox Series X

Sony’s main rival of the last four console generations, Microsoft, is a narrow second in the current quest for console popularity. Its latest console, the Xbox Series X, is leading the search in 19 states.

Although Microsoft has long been a dominant presence in PC gaming, its console brand is the youngest of the three currently vying for the market. It first hit the scene with the original Xbox in 2001.

Xbox machines consistently trail their peer consoles in overall sales numbers, but not loyal popularity. Namely, the series has had many consistent fans across the generations. PC gamers also appreciate the synergy between Xbox consoles and Windows games, like compatible peripheral hardware and Xbox Game Pass.

nintendo switch

As Sony and Microsoft face off in an ever-escalating arms race for the best hardware performance, stunning visuals and big-ticket exclusive franchises, Nintendo is forging its way.

For the past four console generations and arguably longer, it has prioritized experimental game interfaces, accessibility for gamers of all ages and skill levels, and titles featuring its large stable of characters and of fan-favorite worlds.

This creative approach to the problem has often paid off very well for Nintendo. Half of the 20 best-selling consoles of all time carry the Nintendo brand. Its latest system is the Nintendo Switch, currently the third most popular console in the US, ranking #1 in 10 states.

The oldest of the three current systems, the Switch has outperformed each of its two main competitors by a ratio of more than five to one.

What is the most popular game console in each state?

Keeping our top three competitors in mind, let’s take a look at which is the most popular in each US state according to data from Spades Challenge.

  • Alabama – PlayStation 5
  • Alaska – Xbox Series X
  • Arizona – PlayStation 5
  • Arkansas – Xbox Series X
  • California – PlayStation 5
  • Colorado – Nintendo Switch
  • Connecticut – PlayStation 5
  • Delaware – PlayStation 5
  • Florida – PlayStation 5
  • Georgia – PlayStation 5
  • Hawaii – Nintendo Switch
  • Idaho – Xbox Series X
  • Illinois – PlayStation 5
  • Indiana – Xbox Series X
  • Iowa – Xbox Series X
  • Kansas – Xbox Series X
  • Kentucky – Xbox Series X
  • Louisiana – PlayStation 5
  • Maine – Nintendo Switch
  • Maryland – PlayStation 5
  • Massachusetts – PlayStation 5
  • Michigan – Nintendo Switch
  • Minnesota – Nintendo Switch
  • Mississippi – PlayStation 5
  • Missouri – Xbox Series X
  • Montana – Xbox Series X
  • Nebraska – Xbox Series X
  • Nevada-PlayStation 5
  • New Hampshire – Xbox Series X
  • New Jersey-PlayStation 5
  • New Mexico – Xbox Series X
  • New York – PlayStation 5
  • North Carolina – PlayStation 5
  • North Dakota – Xbox Series X
  • Ohio – Xbox Series X
  • Oklahoma – Xbox Series X
  • Oregon – Nintendo Switch
  • Pennsylvania – PlayStation 5
  • Rhode Island – PlayStation 5
  • South Carolina – PlayStation 5
  • South Dakota – Xbox Series X
  • Tennessee – Xbox Series X
  • Texas – PlayStation 5
  • Utah – Nintendo Switch
  • Vermont – Nintendo Switch
  • Virginia – PlayStation 5
  • Washington – Nintendo Switch
  • West Virginia – Xbox Series X
  • Wisconsin – Nintendo Switch
  • Wyoming – Xbox Series X

The living room war continues

As has been the case since 2001, the US console market remains fiercely competitive between the same three top players. Gamers today have the luxury of choosing between PlayStation’s best-selling machines, Xbox’s love for hardcore gamers, and Nintendo’s creative and inclusive approach.

Any state in the United States can show you its current leader, but there is no where the fight is over. Each of these three companies continues to innovate and show off. We may yet see an overall winner of the Console Wars one day, but if the current lay of the land is any indication, that day won’t be anytime soon.