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This Tiny Nintendo Switch Controller Has Blew Up Amazon’s Sales Ranks

The Nintendo Switch is infinitely portable, but few of its controllers take advantage of this mobile design. Yes, you can squeeze a few extra Joy-Cons into a case if you’ve got $70 to spare, but if you’re looking for real fancy multiplayer without breaking the bank, your options are limited – until you come across the 8BitDo Zero 2.

The keychain-sized gamepad is a barebones affair, with a D-Pad, four face buttons, start, select and two shoulder buttons – but people have spoken. The 2.9-inch gamepad has been scouring Amazon’s sales charts for the past 24 hours (according to the retailer’s Movers and Shakers page (opens in a new tab)). It’s easy to see why – at $19.99 / £17.99 (opens in a new tab) it’s a particularly budget-friendly purchase, and well into impulse territory – plus, it’s so cute. With Nintendo Switch controller sales up 41% since yesterday, many gamers are making sure they have a set of save buttons.

There are limits to this size, making it a much better buy if you’re a retro fan. There are no ZL and ZR buttons, nor any home options either. Instead, the workarounds are to press the start and select buttons simultaneously and cleverly use the D-Pad’s dual functions.

The best Nintendo Switch accessories are the ones that fit into your life, so if you never want to be without a player three, this is a great addition to your keychain. Nintendo Switch Lite users are particularly welcome here, with the 8BitDo Zero 2 available in the same turquoise, yellow and pink colors of the consoles.

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