Nintendo consoles

Thousands of counterfeit Nintendo AirPods and consoles seized in Port of Houston

Customs and border protection officers seized $ 6.5 million in counterfeit Apple AirPods and Nintendo video game consoles in the Port of Houston.

The shipment from China was discovered during an inspection and included 50,000 fake AirPods and 920 fake Nintendo video game consoles.

Both AirPods and Nintendo consoles have been flagged for examination and considered counterfeit by import specialists.

“Our officers take great care to inspect incoming international goods to ensure that they are not counterfeit or harmful to consumers,” said Roderick Hudson, Port Manager for the Houston and Galveston region of Customs and Border Protection, “One of the missions of our agency is to prevent the entry of illicit goods that could negatively impact our economy while supporting legitimate trade.

The electronics shipment was sent to the agency branch for fines, penalties and forfeiture.

In fiscal year 2021, Customs and Border Protection seized $ 2.1 billion counterfeit and pirated goods, including $ 154 million in electronics, the agency said.

About 40% of all counterfeits seized in 2021 came from China.

Last year, clothing and accessories were the products most frequently targeted by intellectual property infringements.

“The creation of counterfeit products may involve forced labor, human trafficking or supporting other criminal enterprises,” the statement said. “Many counterfeit products are of poor quality and can cause injury or even death when used.”

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