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Tim Schafer wants to make games for Nintendo consoles – Destructoid

I’ve always been baffled that no game by Tim Schafer has ever made it to a Nintendo console (to my knowledge anyway). The man’s irreverent sense of humor, general rejection of realistic visuals, and an emphasis on absurdity has always seemed like a good fit for Nintendo audiences. I was sure that the alleged Brutal legend The Wii port was going to sell at least as well as the 360 ​​/ PS3 versions. It turns out that Schafer might have thought the same, although his editors thought otherwise.

According to Schafer – “Double Fine would like to do something for Nintendo’s fine machine, but that’s not for us to decide. It’s the publisher’s money, so he decides which platform to invest in. In other words, THIS IS NOT OUR FAULT! Personally, I would have loved to make Psychonauts for the Game Cube. (Well, not literally me personally. I would have loved to tell someone else to do it, and I would have loved to watch them do it, and I would have loved to scream, “Faster! Faster!” while they were working.) I really hope we get the chance to make a game for the Wii someday. Why not spam your favorite publisher with mail right away and ask them to send us money to make a Wii game?

Psychonauts and or Brutal legend port for Wii and / or 3DS anyone?

Tim Schafer wants to make a Wii game, but the decision is up to the publishers [GoNintendo]

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