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Twitter’s latest shopping feature alerts you to limited product drops

Twitter is introducing another shopping feature as it slowly tries to ramp up its in-app commerce features. The company’s latest experience is product dropswhich allows users to receive notifications ahead of in-demand product launches.

The company says the feature is intended to capitalize on how Twitter is already used to build hype for limited-edition or high-demand products. Companies using product deliveries will be able to tweet links to upcoming launches, and users can sign up to receive in-app notifications ahead of launch. As with Twitter’s other shopping features, the app doesn’t actually manage the transaction, it just directs users to the retailer’s or brands’ website.

Initially, product deliveries will only be available in the United States for people using the Twitter app in English. Early brands to get their hands on the feature include Dior, Home Depot and Fossil’s collaborations with designer Jeff Staple.

Compared to most of its peers, Twitter was quite late in integrating e-commerce functionality into its app, although the company said it sees the area as a significant opportunity. Twitter has also experimented with shopping in live streams and allows retailers to create in-app storefronts on their profiles.

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