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Ubisoft will hold a product showcase in 2022, but not yet

Ubisoft showcase coming this year?

Ubisoft won’t be hosting an E3-style event this month, unlike many other publishers and developers. French publisher Ubisoft usually hosts an annual conference to coincide with the Entertainment Software Association’s E3 trade event. In the past, this show took place in June, but a Ubisoft spokesperson has announced that they will not be presenting in the summer of 2022. But don’t worry! They are still planning to hold a product showcase this year, just “later”.

The Ubisoft representative is quoted by Axios planning a major showcase “later this year”. A response necessarily without commitment in these uncertain times. Over the past three years, the E3 conference has been canceled twice, once in 2020 and again this year. In 2021, they organized a global virtual conferencebut decided not to do it this year in order to come back in 2023 stronger than ever. With COVID still causing trouble, it’s hard to get too high hopes for an in-person E3 as early as next year, but we can all keep our fingers crossed.

Ubisoft has also held several digital product presentations in the past. Called Ubisoft Forward, these digital events took place in July and September 2020 as well as June 2021. They claimed that the first Ubisoft Forward event was a big hit for them with huge viewer turnout. Their showcase event later this year will likely also be virtual.

As creators of game franchises like Far cry and Assassin’s Creedwe will miss them Summer Game Festival 2022. While 30 companies would be present, Ubisoft will not be part of it. However, it is clear that they still have big plans for next year! Including some rumors of a brand new battle royale style game and leaks from Assassin’s Creed Infinity go around.

While it’s a little disappointing that E3 is once again canceled and Ubisoft is seemingly on the sidelines for its next big product showcase, there’s some hope that we’ll see an update soon. In the meantime, there will be plenty of events from other publishers and developers in the coming weeks.