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UNCONFIRMED: 1-2 Switch Sequel Developed, Received Significantly Unfavorable Product Reviews – News

There’s something about a horse involved.

Nintendo has apparently been developing a sequel to Switch’s other launch title 1-2 Switch, but it may never see the light of day.

In a report to Fanbyte, the title – apparently titled “Everybody’s 1-2 Switch” – has been in development since the success of the original which sold 3.45 million copies. In the interest of not rendering the original game irrelevant, the sequel would feature an option to play with 100 players via smartphone (as with Jackbox Party Packs and the recently released RiffTrax game). The game show atmosphere would also feature a host named “Horse” – someone wearing the top half of a horse outfit.

Apparently, testing for the sequel was so negative that “various trusted employees within Nintendo were raising alarms that the game released as-is would damage the company’s reputation as a great software developer.” Boxes for a physical release have been created, and some at Nintendo are pushing for the game to be released at retail, although others have suggested adding the game to the expansion pack for Switch Online to try and recoup the costs. development this way.

Nintendo has not officially commented, although multiple sources confirmed the information to Fanbyte and NWR was able to corroborate the information.