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Valve declares that Steam Deck is a “multi-generational product line”


The Steam Deck was one of the most exciting hardware announcements of 2021, and when it started reaching customers’ hands this year, it quickly became a fan favorite. Valve has now reaffirmed the company’s commitment to producing updated Steam Deck models and supporting existing models.

Valve has released a new digital booklet on the Steam Deck, as well as on Steam and Valve themselves. It’s not a manual, but rather a fun read for anyone who wants to learn more about the company’s journey to the launch of the Steam Deck. This digital booklet was released in time for the Steam Deck’s launch in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and six months after Valve began shipping the Steam Deck to customers.

The book’s most notable conclusion is a quote detailing Valve’s long-term plans for it. The company says it’s a “multi-generational product line” and that “Valve will support Steam Deck and SteamOS for the foreseeable future.” He further adds that “we will learn from the Steam community about new uses for our hardware that we have not yet thought of, and we will build new versions to be even more open and capable than the first version of Steam Deck.”

In other words, the current iteration of the Steam Deck should be the first in what will become a product line down the road – we’ll see better and improved generations of the Steam Deck over the next few years. That’s excellent news. The Steam Deck uses PC hardware, so it should stay hardware-relevant as games become more demanding. But also, it’s great to see that the Steam Deck won’t just be a one-off product.

The current version of the Steam Deck is already amazing and allows you to play many games. Many are also looking to replicate its formula. But while nothing is known about a possible successor at this time, it’s good to see that Valve is committed to delivering one.

Source: Valve, The edge