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World Tour races on consoles – GameSpew

Formula Retro Racing: World Tourfollowed by the original Formula Retro Racingis slated to hit consoles in December.

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour may sound a bit familiar, but that’s to be expected. It’s a tribute to the old 3D arcade racers, Virtua Racing and their ilk, with modern physics and a smooth 60fps frame rate. Yes, it should probably be called Formula 1 retro racing: Around the world. But since Formula 1 is a registered trademark (F1 22 is this year’s official F1 game), the developers probably don’t want to be sued.

Watching the trailer brings a nostalgia-induced tear to our eyes. It reminds us of a time when you could load up a Formula 1 driver and drive the wrong way down the track. Sure, you might have a flashing “turn around” sign, but the game wouldn’t kick you out.

It promises to build on the original, adding eight new tracks from around the world. It also introduces several vehicles such as a Nascar car. And it retains the original’s split-screen gameplay for couch co-op play. It won’t come with a massive sitting arcade cabinet, but you can’t have it all.

The game will arrive on PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch this December 14. No, the PC is not ignored. This version will arrive sometime in 2023 (March according to the Steam store) but the console versions are getting a head start.